Sunday, December 7, 2008


Me and Chase

Bailey and Chase

Melanie, Scott, and Megan

Its getting a little steamy in the hot tub!

Scott and melanie

Bailey and Megan

So, Last Thursday, we all went to the Chase's cabin. Most of the group got there on Wednesday morning, then the rest of us came on Thursday. We all had so much fun. I think all of us were just happy to get out of the valley for a little bit, and just relax and spend some time with friends. Unfortunately, I had to leave on Friday, because I had to work friday night so that was a big bummer, it was so hard to leave. I hope pretty soon we all can do this again, even if its not at the cabin. It was really nice to have a night with no homework or call lights. Maybe next time it will be a snowboarding trip, that would be a lot of fun.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Finally a update !!!

So for everyone that looks at my blog sorry I don't update it very much I am working on doing better with it. The past few months have been crazy busy with school, work, and at home. My schooling has been going alrightworking my butt off just to try to pass my classes hopefully all the work will pay off we will see. Work has been pretty busy for the most part but I stay busy working all the time I usually put in about sixty hours a week, that's why school has been so difficult but I have to so I can afford my bills. As for the home life I will be moving on January 1st to my own apartment which I am really excited for. Brent is joining the army and that is why I am moving out of our apartment early, it will be weird not having a roommate, I think I am going to get a dog anyone have suggestions on what kind I should get? I will start remembering to bring my camera when I go places so I can post some pictures and have more things to talk about. Well that is all I can come up with for now so I hope you keep checking out my blog I will try to keep it updated, O and seriously anyone that has suggestions on what kind of dog let me know.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Havisupi falls

This was my first time to havisupi falls (not sure how to spell havisupi) and I could not belive how awsome it was the hike down didnt go to bad it was about 11 or 12 miles but we started in the middle of the night so it was not so hot... on the way down about three miles untill we got to camp I switched packs with my friend scott because his was heavier and I was going to be staying in his tent so i figured it was only fair, about two minutes after switching packs I triped and took a few rolls down the hill and ended up rolling my anckle so that kinda made the the rest of the trip a little more complicated but it was still really fun....I went cliff jumping for my first time and it was so much fun it was about 35ft. untill you hit the water. It was all so much fun and I could not have went with a better group of people. I will be posting pictures soon